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TaR Online musical magazine is mainly in Greek.
To read all articles, please enter
www.tar.gr and use the embeded Google Translate tool (top-right of each page) to translate text to your own language.

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publisher - editor

Notis Mavroudis (mavroudis@tar.gr)
* educaTion: classical guitar
* caReer: classical guitarist, songwriter & composer, music educator, article writer, producer
* siTe:

webmaster - editor
Kostas Grigoreas (grigoreas@tar.gr)
* educaTion: classical guitar [PG(Manchester)] & theory
* caReer: classical guitar soloist, composer, music educator
* siTe:

news - public forum - links

Alkis Anastopoulos
* educaTion: classical guitar
* caReer: classical guitarist, music educator

Event calendar

Sofia Mazi (sofiamazi@tar.gr)
* educaTion: classical guitar, musicology (Ionian University)
* caReer: classical guitarist, music educator

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