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Photo Album of memories
by Evangelos (Assimakopoulos) and Liza (Zoe)

1965 at the International Academy of Nice (France).
Evangelos plays in the class while Presti and Lagoya look at his score. 

1966 in Nice.
From the left: A. Lagoya, Liza Zoe, Villa-Verde (Brazilian brilliant guitarist – student of the Academy at this season –), Ida Presti, Evangelos Assimakopoulos.

A group of students at the duo’s suite in Nice. Elizabeth (Presti’s daughter) smoking at the left. Between Presti and Zoe (in the middle), their son Sylvan. Lagoya is in the back, Assimakopoulos at the right.

1965 the 7th of August at the Saint Spyridon Orthodox church in Nice during the ceremony of Evangelos & Liza marriage. Ida Presti is behind them as their bridesmaid.

 1965 – Saint Spyridon Orthodox church at the end of the ceremony.

1965 – After the marriage. From the left their son Sylvan. The duo Ako Ito- Henry Dorigny behind, and Alice Artzt at Lagoya’s left. 

1965 – Festival of Menton. After Presti - Lagoya concert at the Cocteau Concert Hall. Evangelos and Liza played in the first part.

1966 at the International Academy of Nice. First sitting at the right is Liza. Evangelos is standing behind.

1965 at the International Academy of Nice. Liza is sitting next to Presti. Evangelos is first at the right.

July 1960 at Dimitris Fampa’s home.
From left to the right: Nikos Hamilothoris, Evangelos Assimakopoulos, Nikos Ioannou, Stamatis Rozakis, Alexander Lagoya, Grigoria Kalaitzaki, Ida Presti, Jenny Fampas, Notis Mavroudis, Elizabeth (Presti’s daughter), Sassa Grigoraki, Dimitris Fampas, Liza Zoe. Sitting: Theodore Roumboulas and Kostas Anagnostopoulos.

1960 – A second visit for dinner at Fampa’s.
From the left: A. Lagoya, L. Zoe, I. Presti, D. Fampas, N. Ioannou, N. Hamilothoris and A. Bouras.

1960 – The  same dinner of pict.11.
From the right: Notis Mavroudis, Evangelos Assimakopoulos etc. Jenny Fampas (standing).

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