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Iakovos Kolanian:

Johann Sebastian Bach - Lute Suites
A collection of Bach's Lute Suites:
BWV 995, BWV 996, BWV 997 and BWV1006a
(transcribed by Kolanian and published by Phillipos Nakas Music House ( http://www.nakas.gr/ ))

Six Armenian Traditional Dances

Six traditional pieces that Kolanian has transcribed for classical guitar and which have been recorded as part of his award-winning Shoror ( http://www.iakovoskolanian.com/recordings.php ) album.
The pieces included in the book are:
Shourch Bar, Noubar Noubar, Nazeli Bar, Yaman Yar, Osanna, and Zankezouri
(transcribed by Kolanian and published by Panasmusic ( http://www.panasmusic.gr/catalog/index.php?manufacturers_id=57&osCsid=ce5a93a73c19fed10c00421e4ec4b946 ))


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